So basically I wanna start these series called dope or nope well those who know me know that i love using the word dope a lot so why not start a series called dope or nope.

So today, ill talk about l.a pro concealers today and ill let u know what I think about them. i have five shades which ill talk about and what i use them for

  • peach corrector
  • orange corrector
  • yellow corrector
  • medium beige concealer
  • creamy beige concealer


Basically this corrector cancels darkness and lightens dull areas of my face but when there are not extreme like sometimes ma dark circles aren’t really visible bt are there so this works best because I dont wanna go heavy.


This type of corrector cancels out really intense dark circles well I do have days when ma face aint cooperating with me it also helps cancels out hyperpigmentation and it works best if you have dark skin


Well the purpose of this concealer is to brighten dull areas but i use it AS a highlighting shade since i got yellow undertones (simpson),its works perfectly i use it under ma eyes after correcting with orange or peach then i use yellow on top .


This concealer was my friends I borrowed just to show you the colour for people who are medium to tan skin its perfect brownish creamish shade works best for highlighting.


I bought this concealer thnking its ma shade since people who look like ma skin tone use it well it was a disappointment and waste of money for me because it was darker than me and its more like orangey creamish coz most muas show it as if its yellowie creamish which i thought it is that colour and would work for me but it didnt (bad luck i guess).I use it as for conealing scars tho before ma foundation if av bought it I gotta make it work cant waste it can I ?


  • Its medium coverage but you have to build up if you want full coz i hear people say it’s a dupe for the m.a.c concealers and no it’s not the mac concealers are actually full coverage you don’t even need a corrector to cancel out darkens.
  • Its cheap i got it for 500 shillings which is not a bad investment for starters.
  • Its crease resistant
  • Its creamy and lightweight that why I love it .
  • They have a wide range of shade I think more than 20 .


  • I think the only con is the applicator I really don’t like it wastes a lot of product but its amazing for cleaning up your brows it shapes them nicely.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :Its net wt 0.28 oz (8 g) and you can use it up to 18 months

I bought this concealers online you can get them on instagram @accesories_trend and @beautybar or @makeupaddictionke for 500 and yes they are authentic there are others who sell also but maybe the go for 600 or 800 if i can get the same thing cheaper somewhere else then why not save some money . Its a dope concealer and all these are my opinion are mine maybe others felt different about it.

Hope I helped you boos and you loved the review .



So basically todays topic is about my fave scrubs and guess what they are from the same brand well I have tried many scrubs from different brands e.g neutrogena , Johnson’s but they didn’t seem to work for me they broke me out like really bad .So its a no no to me.

So the 3 scrubs are of different exfoliation factor i.e gentle ,moderate and deep .

  1. Oatmeal scrub and mask
  2. Green tree scrub
  3. Apricot scrub


This is ma fave scrub/mask since I have combination to dry skin (if u don’t know your skin type check my first blog it will make it easier) it actually makes your skin smooth and hydrated since some scrubs feel a bit drying for me but this works really well you can use it as a mask also apply it on the affected area or whole face depends on you leave it for 7 mins and wash it when it drys up youll see a difference its a two in one which is affordable because you get both mask and scrub saves you mulla (money) you can use it every other day because its a gentle exfoliator . Dry skin ladies youll love this scrub.

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If you cant afford salon facials or the salon is fully booked  dnt worry i got your back and here is the solution .
This is the facial kit you need to get . If you are on a budget then this is your call .It has different types depending on what type of facial you like eg papaya fruit,diamond facial gold facial e.t.c. GUESS WHAT the price is below KSH500 just imagyn ,the one I bought was 365 bob and each facial kit has a different price.

You can get them at nakumatt,chandarana and carefour. The facial kit I bought is for blemishes  because i hav blemishes and I thought I shoud give it a try and it worked wonders as I had not expected it to be that good .

It comes with 5 satchets a scrub,gel pack ,massage cream ,face mask and lotion . each of them have there own benefits.


The papaya scrub had an antibiotic smell but didnt do any harm on me i did a patch test on my wrist because I didnt want to take a risk.

The steps to be followed are in the paper which you will see. I dont think i need to repeat them. Each sachet has a scent to it which smells like fruit and chocolate especially the cream damn the smell wow.


It made ma skin soft and smooth it also reduced the appearance of the blemishes and some pimples but lemme just be clear  it did not make ma blemishes disapper it just reduced and my face felt hydrated as I have combination skin (dry cheeks) .MY face feels so fresh and lively.

A little goes a long way because the products in the satchet are alot you can staple the satchet and store it in a cool dry place to use it next time . You can use it 2/3times depending on how much products your left with.I recommend this product if you are on a budget or any other reasons which i may not know.NB if you hav an allergy to any of the ingredients written on the back dnt use it . Plz check the ingredients before buying for your own safety.

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Hey  charmers   

Hell yeah its must  for you to know your skin type and basically  there are five basic types of skincare ; Normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.


Wash your face  clean make sure its pretty clean and gently pat it dry.DO NOT apply moisturiser,serums or facial oils just leave it bare for 30 minutes . After half an hour take one clean sheet of  tissue paper and pat  it around your face.


  1. NORMAL: The results will be vibrant and healthy looking skin after the test which is the best skin type  because you can rock any foundation or beauty routine.
  2. OILY: After the test your sheet of tissue will have traces of oil and  when you touch some parts of your face (cheeks,nose,forehead,chin)  youll feel its greasy thick coarse and shiny hence products you buy should be for oily skin especially skin care . The foundation that works best for oily skin is matte finish .
  3. DRY:Your skin will feel tight especially when you smile and your sheet of paper may have flakes ,your fine pores may also show . So you need a well hydrated skin care routine and you need to moisturise really well before putting on foundation. The foundation that you can rock really well is a dewy finish one.
  4. COMBINATION:This skin type is the most common type of skin type  also known as  NORMAL/COMBINATION is where your skin feels dry/tight or normal on some parts of your face (cheeks)  and oily on the T-zone(nose,forehead and chin area). You can rock both matte ,dewy  or satin  foundation depending on whether you have more of dryness or more of oilyness and your moisturiser should contain either vitamin e oil or jojoba oil . I have this type of skin type and it can be really hard to find what works best for your skin so just keep trying until you find what suits you best.
  5. SENSITIVE:Pretty sure this is the easiest skin type to find out about beacause the results appear clearly you have fragile skin which is dry feels tight becomes inflammed and irritated easily ,reddish and scaly it can also be itchy and tingly and prone to break out into spots.You must buy products which are for sensitve skin . Before buying foundation i think you would need to do a patch test on your wrist to see if it reacts or just look at reviews .

Here is an illustration of what I mean.


Hope you all loved  my first blog  which was informative  hope it helps you all .Thank you for reading boos xoxo.